Hot Tub & Gazebo Hire

Book one of our fantastic hot tubs, perfect for any occasion!

Hot tub - 5 days / 2-4 Seater £150

Hot tub 5 days / 4-6 Seater £195

Hot Tub 5 Days 7 Seater £215

Hot tub 7 days / 2-4 Seater £200

Hot tub 7 days / 4-6 Seater £225

Hot tub 7 Days 7 Seater £250

Gazebo 2m x 2m £25
PINK Gazebo 3m x 3m £45 (perfect for baby showers and hen parties!)

Setup Information:

We would need to set up the day before you want to use it as it takes 24hrs to heat up and we will need access to an outside tap, hose, outside electricity or extension lead for electricity into the house. We will drain the water on site and ask you to do so the morning of our collection.

Additional - Drainage onsite by us with a machine will require additional £20 fee otherwise you can empty yourself the day before we arrive for collection.

please make sure all the water is free before we arrive.